Jumat, 02 Juni 2017

watery cum

peppers filled with cheese ~ baked in oven with tomatoes you'll need: paprika, tomatoes, cottage cheese, bread crumbs, egg, salt, oil. wash the peppers / it's about 1 kg remove the stem and seeds... this tool is very handy for peppers [and apples, too].

watery cum

watery cum, oil the baking tray with 3-4 spoons of sunflower oil. crumble 400 gr of cottage cheese... with 1 spoon of oil... ...add one big egg, or two smaller... a teaspoon of salt...

if the cheese is enough salty, skip the salt. add two spoons of bread crumbs / here is one slice of toasted bread. use semolina instead of bread crumbs. it is also good. mix well, and start filling the peppers... don't fill the peppers all the way, leave some space for the lid. turn the peppers in the baking tray, so the oil will coat them all over... from the left overs peppers, cut pieces to fit the openings. close the peppers so the cheese won't run out. instead of pieces of peppers: slices of bread, potatoes, tomatoes, even onions... all will do. use what you have. turn the heat on at 230 c / 446 f. bake for 30 minutes.

your nose will tell if is a need to check it out. meantime, 1 kg of tomatoes... wash, cut in 1/2 and remove the dots... use a strainer and remove the the seeds and the juice... cut in smaller pieces... and because there are some peppers left, i'll cut them too, here for the sauce... add one teaspoon of salt...and mix gentle. like you do for a salad. after 30 minutes, turn the peppers on the other side... and back in the oven...for another 10 minutes...

after 10 minutes, add the chopped, salted and drained tomatoes... and back in the oven... after 10 minutes, one more check out...to see how is going... pretty good...not too watery. now let it bake until red-crispy on the top... done. enjoy. have a great day, d.

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