white bump on penile head

[rhythmic bass beat,sensual moans] ♪ ♪ - latrell? - what's up, baby girl? - can you please turnthat off?

white bump on penile head

white bump on penile head, - why, you don't like my music?- is it music? because it sounds like a bunchof sex noises over a bass line. - oh.

i get it. you don't like my music'cause i'm gay. you can't handlea gay man's music. - no, no, no. it's--i'm trying to work here, and that musicis weirdly sexual. - oh, i see. so my sexuality is weird. you just can't fathom a manbeing attracted

to another man. - i can fathom it.it's-- can you just please listento some other gay music, like barbra streisandor something-- - oh, i see, i see.okay. so listeningto barbra streisand is gay. stereotype much? [keys clacking] so you seeinganybody lately?

- yeah, i-i mean, kind of. i think-- - 'cause i got it goodlast night. oh, it was like, damn!i mean, my man was like, blop! like, he had a baby arm holdingon to a apple. - aw, don't call ita baby arm. - aw. i see. so you can't handle hearingabout how i'm gay.

i'm sorry. - you just referredto your boyfriend's penis as a baby's armholding an apple. - well, that's whatit looked like. and it's not my boyfriend,by the way. and "anywhats,"you're homophobic. - no, no, no.that's not homophobic, okay? you're explicitly talkingabout sexual things in the workplace.

- fine. there's plenty of stuffthat we can talk about. you know, uh, my penis cup, my scrotum cozies that i havebeen knitting recently-- oh, with these knitting needlesthat i have just noticed look like little, skinny,purple penises, et cetera and et cetera. - oh, my god. - can i show you a picture,

and then you tell meif it's good for facebook? - okay, i'm fairly certainyou're going to show me something overtly sexual. - don't you prejudge me!here it is. - agh! [bleep]! that's a close-upof an anus. - oh, no, that's not an anus. that's my anus, baby girl. - that's disgusting.- oh, i see.

so you don't want to seea close-up picture of my anus 'cause you hate guy men. - no. i don't want to lookat a close-up picture of anyone's anus. - homophobe. homophobe.there's a homophobe right here. ho--[blows whistle] homophobe alert!

[high-pitched voice]homophobe! [imitating siren wailing] - hey. - hey, baby.how's it going? - good.ready to go to lunch? - yeah. uh, latrell, this is gavin. gavin, this is latrell.this is my boyfriend. - how you doing?

- i'm--i'm--i'm doing very well. how--how are you doing,gavin--gavin? - great. want to go?- yeah. - nice to meet you. - no, trust me.it's not. - no?- that's the guy. - oh...i get it. i'm not persecuted.i'm just a asshole. ah.