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the rally argentina is under way. argentina usually brings up pictures of soccer, gauchos and most likely the best steaks in the world.but above all it's the home of tango. today we'd like to invite you to a specialdancing fiesta with 315 horsepower. hey you wanna know how they move in argentina?we're gonna show you. i'm andreas mikkelsen and this is tango argentino.

sports car hire sydney airport

sports car hire sydney airport, tango dancing and rallying has for me a lot in common: i have a partner and that is the car. we need to work really closely together. we need to trust each other. i need to dance with the car and we need to find a really good rhythm. dance like dance dance?

it's a lot about me trusting the car, the car trusting me and that we can make the perfect job together. i have never danced tango before. thank you guys. it was so cool to see youdance. now let me invite you two for a dance.

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at 11 ... police say charges could be upgraded against a clay county woman after her husband died today. they say he was starving and had bedsores.

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sports car hire bali, right now ... amy burkhart is charged with criminal abuse ... and troopers say the pictures they saw of her husband, charles

jr. were disturbing. 20 :28-43 police arrested 32-year-old amy burkhart wednesday and took her to the clay county detention center. she did not want to comment on camera, but trooper lloyd cochran says it's unsettling. 03:25 i've seen several

neglect cases ... uhh ... but not a sever as this one. :05 cochran says his post was first notified tuesday. 1:52 by the hospital staff at the manchester hospital that a 32-year-old male had been brought in and possibly been neglected. :10 in this uniform

citation the trooper wrote that the victim, charles burkhart jr., had sever bedsores, was very dehydrated and malnourished. the victim was taken to uk hospital in critical condition. he died thursday and right now ... his wife faces a charge of criminal

abuse in the first degree, but police say this could change. 03:15 we're going to have to consult with the commonwealth's attorney in clay county, but possibly murder charges. :05 chochran says he's hoping the autopsy report leads to new information.

police say amy burkhart was a caretaker for her husband since 2007 when he was paralyzed in a car wreck. an attempted shoplifting in

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rental car seat jakarta

what's up guys? today i'm gonna suprise people as an uber driver. my uber profile is a guy called ming and i'm gonna drive a prius. let's go surprise people, shall we? ok. did you call uber?

rental car seat jakarta

rental car seat jakarta, yeah i'm your uber driver. im batman nice to meet you!

is this for real? i was expecting a prius well, this is my prius. i don't think anyone is gonna believe me! i'm your uber driver i'm getting close where are you at exactly i'm at the starbucks okay, i will be there in just a minute.

excuse me? did you call uber? get in, i am your driver! seriously?! is it fine if i just like squish your like. yeah, it's fine, you can see whatever you want. hey nice to meet you. i'm at panera bread

oh yeah i see it hold on i'm coming just come outside alright, sky. umm yeah, i was looking for a prius. i'm your uber driver! this is so crazy! have you been in a lamborghini before. it's my first time is there any guns installed?

yeah, right here! that's my gun. do you even lift bro? i obviously don't! 1,2,3 oh my god guys, you will not believe who my uber was today! batman, and i'm in a lamborghini listen to your mom, don't do drugs. i gotta roll down the window real quick.

cause i just farted. oh my god, eww. feel better? yeah, yeah. my passion is more for like dance ohh dancing? you pass it to me and then go back to you he is a success. batman uber driver. alright, you ready?

#anotherone you okay? did you pee yourself? is it wet? ooh, i am about to! have a good day! you too! i hope you get a lot of customers. alright, thank you! make sure you give me 5 stars, yeah? 5 stars.

thank you guys so much for watching. make sure to check the description box to get a free uber ride. follow me on snapchat and instagram. i'll talk to you guys later.

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jaguar car hire sydney
jaguar car hire sydney, thing a person can do on their wedding day,other than getting married is choosing the right wedding car hire galway company. thiscould save the attendants both time and money while at the same time helps make the weddingexceptional. \i0 \\

using a reputable wedding car hire galwaycompany is vital to choosing an exceptional vehicle for the day. this could save the attendantsboth time and money while at the same time helps make the wedding exceptional. however,it is important to understand that this is not an easy goal to achieve. turning to thewedding car hire galway services could help in alleviating the maze. there are many companiesoffering these services and they will help reach the desired goals superbly. a few tipsare, however, demanding for reliable wedding car hire galway. \\ when it comes to the search for reliable companiesfor a wedding car hire galway , it is imperative that one confines the search to the localgrid. this is the best method that a person

can use to get services that require lessattention to benefit from. when hiring online, some people end up hiring vehicles from companieswith limited knowledge of their current location. this is what results in frustrations whenthe services are being rendered. in most cases, when this is done, a lot of time is spentredirecting the driver to the desired destination. in addition to that, getting wedding car hirefrom a company outside your provence could just spell problems. why bother with the hasslewhen you can just use wedding car hire galway to fulfil your needs. \second, it is imperative that one learns of the number of people that will be accommodatedin the vehicle. this is especially so when doing wedding car hire galway for the groom.in most cases, the bride and groom is always

accompanied by family and close friends. thismeans that time has to be taken to determine the right size of vehicle that will accommodateall the passengers without causing any form of discomfort. this will help save on timeand elude chances of spending more money hiring more vehicles. always base the car choiceon the number of people. \ \in present day, the cost of living is going exceedingly high. this is what makes it dauntingfor people to arrange for major events. the high cost can easily lead to financial problems.to avoid such incidences, a person is highly advised to ask for a discount when it comesto a wedding car hire. the prevailing high competition in the industry of car rentalshas made it possible for people to negotiate

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if you need a recommended beautiful car ataffordable prices use wedding car hire galway.\ \http://www.irelandweddingcarhire.com}

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car rental di jakarta

(explaining the service provided) so when we bought max we got one service free. it's after one 1,000 kilometers or one month. and it's really not too much of a service but more of like a check. to make sure there are no problems with the car.

car rental di jakarta
car rental di jakarta different from sewa mobil bulanan di balikpapan, they go through. they check the brakes, check the clutch, they check the gas. right? they make sure all the safety stuff is working. check the water levels all the fluid levels. and that kind of stuff. just to make sure there is no problems with the car.

the regular intervals for service on this daihatsu is every 10,000 kilometers or every 6 months. and so, this first ones free. make sure there's no problems. because it is still under guarantee. right and then, in another 9,000 kilometers we'll come back and get the real service. where they change the oil, the regular car service at that time. so anyway, this is the waiting room here at daihatsu. and let's go check out their service bay. so guys, this is the service bay at daihatsu. and max is right there.

getting ready to get serviced up. we finished up at the dealership and i'm just hanging out here in the car now at the parking lot of giant supermarket. jules is in there buying some vegetables for lunch today. and we have 3 good things to report from our trip to the dealership. #1 the car was checked and everything was fine. #2 we met with the insurance guys. right. the insurance agent. they came over to meet with us. we didn't have to go to their office. but anyway, this is the insurance company. and, yeah, they were super nice.

and explained everything. the insurance is actually like pretty good insurance. they have an application for the iphone and android. right. so you can put in all your information. you policy number, and all that kind of stuff. in case you have an accident you can just report right from the application. and you can find the nearest police station, the nearest gas station. and all kind of other stuff with this application. it's pretty cool. and then the 3rd thing is we got our license plates and our registration finally. and so that's cool because next month we are planning on taking the youth group down to jakarta for a camp down there.

but, you can't do that unless you have your official license plate and registration. and so, we have that now. so we shouldn't have any problems next month taking them down there. and so i want to thank the department of motor vehicles here in indonesia for getting us our plates and things. and also thank you to daihatsu right, for the service and just your kindness and your attention to us. also to the insurance company. thanks a lot guys. you were a lot of help.

we just "selesai". (laughing) we just finished the 2nd day of 30 days of change. yeah and we were a little sore. seth got the worst of it i think. as far as soreness.

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enterprise car hire switzerland

all right and that they had a story thatwe did last week i we covered ideal in oregon's twelve million dollar mansionand how she decided to market like they're really horrible about theway we cover that story because now the news says both that she's a monster becauseit was basically the economically smart

enterprise car hire switzerland

enterprise car hire switzerland, thing to do that and the whole was built in the nineteentwenties and it does not meet the current building codes right andthey have heard an area

so instead of you know remodeling and changing in away that would meet uh... current codes shes like okay let's just demolishit and build it again now the reason why i believe that isbecause she's basically building the exact same house over again okay now here's why ido apologies for coversnumber one i was actually the most on our side isaid rich people do this from time to timethey say

that the property is worth the mostamount of money not the house on public property sometimes it is a tear down the teardown they start over it didn't you know people in this crazy period astrologystriking that he has tiger jacket and take your money permitted you know youknow that i said that without the kids that i had that gary and right now i dofeel horrible about i think it's time to defend eat you are really that much better andthe second part of my time apology is good

a delicious courses for lawyers in theproduct like if they decided to tear down to the order approval as of aprilproves that i wasn't even on right would and they got all these he forties uh... out here enterprise dance lesson answers that proof ants and other people

so says she's line of the same i don'tknow like this exactly what you would say ifyou want to cover brain so isn't on the part of what shesaw the truth about it that doesn't love a rice the level ofthe absent also story of a we cover the story so it's very ironic for the statehas the magnet backfire itself citizenship is a reversal ofswitzerland fits the at what i would be defined actually if that happened likemandela nazis is an example addresses folder would be fine like the film again eventhough you were going out what now

birthday that would be great but i'm not sure ifi don't think that you'd probably feel but heard over a year ago yell parents sitting on my beautifullike pointing fair gold plan with that here to talk to reimburse should be thefirst who's going to like was nuts county k

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while traveling in germany you would wantto send post cards to beloved ones at home. to get stamps you would need to find a postoffice. once you’ve found the post office, you can ask for stamps. “ich brauche briefmarkenfur diese postkarte nach america.” i need stamps for this post card to america. if youwould want to know the price, you would ask, “wievel kostet diese postkarte nach amerika?”how much is this post card to the united states.

cheap car rental switzerland airport

cheap car rental switzerland airport, once again, “wievel kostet diese postkartenach amerika?” if you would want to send something by air mail you would say “ichmochte das per luftpost schicken.” i would want to mail this by air mail. once againin german, “ich mochte das per luftpost schicken.”

sports car hire sydney airport

the rally argentina is under way. argentina usually brings up pictures of soccer, gauchos and most likely the best steaks in the world.but ...