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unilocular cystic

[music] victoria's mom:â  when victoria was firstborn, we knew that something was amiss when the physicians pulled her off to the sideand were spending a little more time looking at her. and the differences that were noticeableexternally was that from her right hip down to her right ankle, the leg was larger thanthe left leg.

unilocular cystic

unilocular cystic, dr. shiels:â  victoria has a lymphatic malformationand a lymphatic malformation is an abnormal development of the lymphatic ducts. the lymphaticducts carry yellow fluid or if you will, yellow blood through your body. because of the malformation,that fluid accumulates in large cysts and in the case of victoria, she had a collectionof fluid in her thigh. it was approximately

one liter. and then she had a collection ofother smaller cysts, fluid that just could not move beyond that leg and then it justballooned up to the size of her leg. victoria's mom:â  she was not allowed to doanything of that would be like contact-type activities which could damage the tissuesunderneath. she wasn't able to wear blue jeans and any normal things like other childrencould. when victoria first turned eight and we noticedthat her thigh had been enlarged, we went from looking at just her normal rehabilitationphysician and they recommended that we seek out support and advice from dr. shiels hereat nationwide children's hospital. we had a long list of questions and the answers thatwe got, we really liked and so we felt it

necessary to make the 8.5-hour, 9-hour driveand we haven't regretted it day one, since day one. dr. shiels:â  victoria's surgical option wouldhave been a rather massive surgical incision all the way from the buttocks, down to themid-calf so she would have had massive scars, possibly some complications from surgery andcertainly, the risk of recurrence. the procedures that we did on victoria areunique and were developed at nationwide children's hospital. the general term is called sclerotherapy.sclero in latin means to scar. we go into victoria with image guidance very preciselyand we go into small needles, small instruments there, no bigger than a quarter of an inchin diameter. so we drained the cyst, we killed

the cyst lining and we want the cyst to thenscar down. the scars that we leave are no bigger than the size of a freckle. victoria's mom:â  we have seen great progressover time and she's wearing blue jeans like any other child would. she's out playing withall the other kids the way she likes, so she's taking golf lessons, she's tramping on trampolines.she's very excited about her birthday which is soon to come. dr. shiels:â  the other thing is she feelsgreat about her own diagnosis and her body to manage this for the rest of her life ingood partnership with us and good technology. victoria's mom:â  nationwide children's hospitalhas looked at it as a total family experience

is how i would describe it, then it shiftsit from a scary hospitalization event to what can we do next when we go to columbus.

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