Senin, 16 Oktober 2017

car rental di jakarta

(explaining the service provided) so when we bought max we got one service free. it's after one 1,000 kilometers or one month. and it's really not too much of a service but more of like a check. to make sure there are no problems with the car.

car rental di jakarta
car rental di jakarta different from sewa mobil bulanan di balikpapan, they go through. they check the brakes, check the clutch, they check the gas. right? they make sure all the safety stuff is working. check the water levels all the fluid levels. and that kind of stuff. just to make sure there is no problems with the car.

the regular intervals for service on this daihatsu is every 10,000 kilometers or every 6 months. and so, this first ones free. make sure there's no problems. because it is still under guarantee. right and then, in another 9,000 kilometers we'll come back and get the real service. where they change the oil, the regular car service at that time. so anyway, this is the waiting room here at daihatsu. and let's go check out their service bay. so guys, this is the service bay at daihatsu. and max is right there.

getting ready to get serviced up. we finished up at the dealership and i'm just hanging out here in the car now at the parking lot of giant supermarket. jules is in there buying some vegetables for lunch today. and we have 3 good things to report from our trip to the dealership. #1 the car was checked and everything was fine. #2 we met with the insurance guys. right. the insurance agent. they came over to meet with us. we didn't have to go to their office. but anyway, this is the insurance company. and, yeah, they were super nice.

and explained everything. the insurance is actually like pretty good insurance. they have an application for the iphone and android. right. so you can put in all your information. you policy number, and all that kind of stuff. in case you have an accident you can just report right from the application. and you can find the nearest police station, the nearest gas station. and all kind of other stuff with this application. it's pretty cool. and then the 3rd thing is we got our license plates and our registration finally. and so that's cool because next month we are planning on taking the youth group down to jakarta for a camp down there.

but, you can't do that unless you have your official license plate and registration. and so, we have that now. so we shouldn't have any problems next month taking them down there. and so i want to thank the department of motor vehicles here in indonesia for getting us our plates and things. and also thank you to daihatsu right, for the service and just your kindness and your attention to us. also to the insurance company. thanks a lot guys. you were a lot of help.

we just "selesai". (laughing) we just finished the 2nd day of 30 days of change. yeah and we were a little sore. seth got the worst of it i think. as far as soreness.

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