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broken rib symptoms

what really gets me up in the morning andgets me going is dealing with orbital disease. a lot of my experience in orbital diseasehas risen from my experience as a military surgeon. i was in the army for twenty oneyears, just retired as a colonel in 2015 and during my experiences i spent a lot of timeat level 1 trauma centers in san antonio, in the in the washington dc area and it'sand spent six months in iraq doing primarily

broken rib symptoms

broken rib symptoms, trauma surgery, ocular trauma surgery. soi did a lot of orbital trauma while i was there and that's kind of become a a sub aspecialty of mine dealing with complex orbital trauma. i try to work as much as possiblewith the facial trauma teams here at osu, which includes ent, plastic surgery or maxillofacialsurgery in order to lend my expertise to a

to those complex orbital cases in order totry to get the best possible outcomes for these patients. many times these patientshave very very serious trauma and it's an extremely difficult proposition to try todo a reconstruction and to preserve not only vision and the other senses but also to restorethe face to as much to its normal pre-accident condition as possible. reconstruction of theeye sockets usually involves a number of different vices. if there's fractures of the what wecall the facial buttresses, the orbital rims, then we use usually titanium plates and screwsto fixate those. for fractures that are within the eye socket in the usually the floor orthe medial wall of the orbit that's where the most fractures occur, we usually use somekind of implant to replace the bone because

the bone is too thin and brittle to repairprimarily. we basically have to re replace the wall of the orbit that's been most of the time that involves what's called an alloplastic or a or a synthetic implantmade of either porous polyethylene, or titanium or sometimes a combination of both. sometimesbone grafts are also used that are harvested from other parts of the body in order to reconstructthe orbit but usually it's a combination of different things and materials.

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