Rabu, 10 Mei 2017

bubbling in ear

so here is another vocal exercise. this iscalled the lip bubble and it is basically when you do this over your exercise. and theidea behind doing... of your exercise is to basically learn how to regulate your breathingbecause you do not change the amount of air that you use for any given pitch when youare making this sound. so this helps you regulate your breathing. and you want to basicallybe trying to use about the same amount of

bubbling in ear

bubbling in ear, air everywhere that you are singing so thatyou kind of know and get a better sense of; you always want to have plenty of air to singany note. that is kind of axiomatic to singing. then this exercise helps you regulate airuse. so here we go. we will start up higher with a high g. okay, basically i am at thetop of my range and i am going to work myself

out around there. so now i am hitting that note that is a halfstep higher strongly.

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