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blood from penis

a few days ago we noticed a few blood drips around rey's penis, so i we looked into this matter, and took him to the vet asap. bleeding from the penis is never normal, and if you see this you should ask for immediate diagnosis and start treatment as soon as you can. blood from the penis can happen for really one of three reasons: 1. a penis issue: this may be something like penile trauma, a bit of foreign material caught between the penis the skin that surrounds the penis,

blood from penis

blood from penis, or a prepucial infection. this is the less common cause of blood coming from the penis but is easily investigated by your vet. 2. a urinary issue: if the blood is dripping from the penis while he is urinating,

then it is likely a urinary issue like a bladder infection or bladder stones. even if the blood is dripping independent of urination, it could still be a possible stone issue and typically the course of action is to have your vet run a urine sample, looking for stones, crystals, bacteria, etc and they should collect this by using a urinary cathether. 3. prostate issue: finally, the most common cause of blood dripping from the penis independently from urination is a prostate problem. there are several types of prostate issues

including benign (non-cancerous) prostate enlargement, prostatitis (inflammation in the prostate) and prostate cancer. in many of these cases blood will drip freely from the penis when the dog is not urinating and is non-painful. in all of these cases neutering the dog is needed to resolve this issue. if your dog is already neutered it can still be a prostate issue but it's very rare. how to treat canine penile bleeding? once a clear diagnosis is made by a veterinarian,

the underlying cause should be treated accordingly. infections can be treated with broad spectrum antibiotics and supportive drugs. similarly, surgical procedures may be needed for more complicated cases of calculi accumulation (stones) and prostatic enlargement. neutering a dog is one of most successful techniques used to treat symptoms of dog bleeding from penis. i hope this video was useful for you! please subscribe for more pet care videos! and now about rey's issue: he got a very detailed check up, and an ultra sound as well just to be sure, but luckily the bleeding came from a very tiny rip on the skin on the penis. he is healthy, happy and well.

luckily... :)

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