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bad smelling urine

- [woman] oh my god,it's so weird-looking! it's so weird-looking! guys, it's so weird-looking. (light electronic music) so keith.

bad smelling urine

bad smelling urine, - yeah? - do you know whathappens when you boil pee? - no, i do not. - you know what?

almost impossible to find what happens on the internet.- [keith] you googled it and you couldn't find it?- [woman] i googled it. you can't find it. some people are like, it could kill you. but don't worry. i contacted a scientist who said it's fine, it will not killyou, but he didn't know. - [keith] that's all the info i need.

- [woman] he didn't know what happened. - [keith] so we're gonnafind out what happens. - [woman] we're gonna findout what happens right now. - actually, i have to pee right now. - [woman] great. - [keith] you want me to--- [woman] i'm just gonna turn away. - i will do this. you ready?- [woman] i'm ready.

- okay, i'm going pee. wow, this is a lot of pee. still peeing. there's that pee! - i'm coming back. whoa! - [keith] look at all that pee. - [woman] whoa! - so we turned on the burner.

we're gonna put some masks on in case there are, i don't know, fumes? i don't know. what is your hypothesis, kate? - [kate] so i heard thatit could make crystals. - [keith] what kind of crystals? - [kate] like a lot of peemight make salt crystals. - [keith] okay, so now we wait. - [kate] cool.

- [keith] we got a boil! we got a boil! no crystals yet, but a nice frothy boil. what is that? see the weird littleformations on the, over here? - there's something, something is definitely happening in the, you know, science,

science is happening. - [keith] (groans) it'sreally getting bad-smelling. whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, it's bad. (kate groans in disgust) yeah. yeah, yes, kate, yes, that is the accurate reaction. look at it. oh my god, what is it doing?

kate, get over here. there's science happening. - [kate] oh my god. oh my god, it's so weird-looking! it's so weird-looking. - [keith] whoa, it's bad. - [kate] guys. - [keith] they left. crew's kinda gone.

- [kate] is it crystals? - [keith] i can't affirm ordeny if those are crystals, but it does look like salt and salt are crystals. see that? see that to the right? oh, it smells just terrible. - [kate] i feel like we've seen it and we should just get it out of here.

get it out of here. - [keith] we don't wanna keep people. i'm trying to--- [kate] it's like i don't even know how you're doing this. - [keith] i'm trying to science right now, kate.- [kate] it's killing me! - so what did we learn here today, kate? - uh, - yeah, i will say,

so once we got all the moisture out and it started burning, it did start to do some fun things. it foamed up and inflated, but along the edge were left these sort of white, salt-looking dust. i don't think it forms crystals, but maybe when you boilall the liquid out, you could see some salt and crystal left

from the waste inside of it. - [kate] i for sure have togo home and change my clothes. - yeah, i think i'm justgoing down to props, get some new clothes, take a shower, and call it a day. so that's science?

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