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sore throat ear pain

- [voiceover] have you ever coughed up little, white nuggets that smell terrible? if you have, congratulations, because you might have tonsil stones. tonsilloliths, or tonsilstones, typically consist of

sore throat ear pain

sore throat ear pain, mucus, bacteria, deadcells and other debris that collect in the deeppockets of the tonsils and gradually condense into small, typically light colored globs.

most commonly, the stones are small, although, doctors havereported individual cases of patients with stonesmore than an inch wide. sounds like a pain in the neck. bacteria grows on this accumulated matter, giving rise to the infamous odor, which some people havedescribed as smelling like literal death, straight-up buttsand the devil's butt crack. having tonsil stones cansometimes lead to bad breath.

and it could even cause you to feel pain in your throat and your ears. so, how do you get rid ofthese smelly stink bombs? well, some people try a saltwater gargle to help ease the pain. and some try to push them outusing a disinfected object, like a finger or a q-tip. however, if the problem continues, or the pain is severe, you should probably

go see a specialist. so, do you wanna see what a tonsil stone looks like in real life? warning, warning, gross content ahead. (jazzy saxophone music) that was pretty gross. now that you've finallyfound out what these are, do you have tonsil stones?

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