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sharp lower abdominal pain

should i be worried about lower left abdominalpain during pregnancy? you should always be worried about suddenpains during pregnancy. i know it isn’t labor, but otherwise, ihave no idea what it could be. there are tendons that are strained duringpregnancy, and they can give you twinges if you strain them.

sharp lower abdominal pain

sharp lower abdominal pain, i’m not lifting weights, well, just thebaby. they are strained by the pregnancy, and thenyou stand up suddenly, it can tense up painfully. someone told me it might be gas. constipation and gas can cause pain duringpregnancy. it is worse if you are chronically

dehydrated. i heard that labor cures this problem. labor does involve so many contractions thatit tends to force all your waste out, too. then again, your pains could be practice contractions. i didn’t think you could really practicefor labor. even the parenting education courses feel like a joke. yeah, diapering and practicing holding a plasticdoll feels inadequate. in real life, it would be squirming and squealing. could the pain be a sign of a problem withthe pregnancy?

if you were early in the pregnancy, it mightbe a sign of an ectopic pregnancy. you’d have pain and bleeding in the first or secondmonth of the pregnancy. can’t that cause internal bleeding? sure. the kid is growing somewhere that can’tmake room for it, which puts pressure on the surrounding organs. what if the pain varies, getting worse ifi stand up or walk around? get to an emergency room. it might be theplacenta detaching, and that could be fatal if it happens. the placenta has to detach eventually wheni’m in labor.

if it detaches at any other time, you couldbleed to death. this makes me wish it was just appendicitis.

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