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lower abdomen pain and pressure

i'm 37 weeks pregnant and my stomach hurts! because of the baby, there is a lot of pressureon your stomach and other organs. you think my stomach hurts because of thebaby that’s been there for almost nine months. you could have bad acid reflux or indigestionbecause the baby is putting pressure on it. i don’t think that’s it.

lower abdomen pain and pressure

lower abdomen pain and pressure, after all, i’ve had to eat smaller mealsfor weeks to not feel like throwing up. are you mistaking bad constipation for stomachpains? i know what bloating feels like. the hormones to relax all those tendons andsinew can leave your joints loose and bowels

so loose they don’t push things throughas fast. i’d expect gas or burping if that were thecase. you can try to eat some fiber to make surethat isn’t the case. as long as i don’t get the runs as a result. if you have diarrhea along with stomach pains,there’s a good chance you have a stomach bug. other than the really big one. being pregnant can weaken your immune systemand leave you susceptible to various diseases. the constant runny nose is pregnancy causedrhinitis, that’s due to hormones, not an

illness. if you have stomach pains accompanied by vomitingor diarrhea, there is a chance it is an infection. i don’t have a fever. if you had those symptoms plus a fever, youhave to get to the hospital. if you don’t have a fever and the digestivesymptoms ease but the stomach pains don’t, you have to go to the hospital. that sounds contradictory. the contractions that signal early labor cancause stomach pain, vomiting and diarrhea early on.

then when your digestive system stops clearingitself out, the muscle contractions continue and get worse. i know that contractions get stronger andcloser together when you’re in labor. if you have stomach pains and back pains,you are probably in labor. i thought labor only took the form of backpains. the uterus is sticking out in front. and the muscle contractions of the uteruswill ripple across the stomach, though the pain may be stronger in the back. i wonder why.

the back carries most of the weight, whilethe stretched stomach makes it easy to feel the ripples of the stomach muscles. i’ve heard it could be something else. if you’ve had a urinary tract infection,then the infection could spread to the bladder, causing pelvic pressure and stomach pain. that sounds bad. it could cause periodic pains in the stomachwell bladder, along with pelvic pressure, maybe blood in the urine, burning when youpee, difficulty emptying the bladder and perhaps a fever.

we already agreed if there’s pain plus afever, go to the hospital. i’m not sure of the symptoms of appendicitis,but if you have prolonged stomach pain that isn’t accompanied by likely muscle contractions,you just need to seek medical attention. my appendix came out years ago. i’ve heard of gall bladder disease and pancreasproblems worsening during pregnancy due to the dehydration and extra load on the body,but that’s something a doctor would have to diagnose. so any pain that doesn’t stop or pain plusdigestive symptoms or fever or anything else - we’re down to if in doubt, go see thedoctor.

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