Jumat, 19 Mei 2017


accidents happen even i make mistakes. like that time accidentally stumbled intothat den of bears and had to wrestle my way out. that brings me to the "morning after" pilla.k.a plan b. a.k.a. "oh (bleep), the condom broke. some you out there might be wondering how it works. the truth is "morning-after pill" is a stupid name for for it.


levonelle, first, shouldn't have to wait until the morning after to take it. second, because emergency contraception can workup to five days after a scare. and yes, you can get your hands on the pill--anyone can. dude or lady--can buy it at your local drugstore without a prescription.

wondering how it works? exactly the same way as the pill. sperm can survive for up to five days inwomen's reproductive tract. emergency contraception keeps her eggs from being released while your sperm's still tooling around in there. the bad news? it's not aseffective as the pill cuz it's taken after the act. but it's ahelluva lot better than nothing. like a lot better. what's this called? paintball?

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