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hurting after sex

welcome to just between us you notice anything? we moved apartments. (quietly screaming) ahhhhhh! i think i'm having dreams about bed, bath& beyond coupons

hurting after sex

hurting after sex, anyway, welcome to our new apartment! i don't know if you also noticed that wegot this snazzy new blue couch who says i don't have a wild side? but don't worry, fans-who-have-a-hard-time-with-change,

we kept our same old sign, that the cat has destroyed. so in our brand new apartment, (pause) got this sign. there was a brief discussion about whether or not the cat should come with us. we cannot leave the cat at the old apartment! you can't move apartments and leave a cat! never say can't. ♪ (groovy music) ♪ so, this week we have a question, um,

from kenny the intern. i don't know if you remember kenny. we had to let him go (muttering) for misconduct in the workplace. anyway kenny wants to know, um, does anal sex hurt? well, i'm fascinated by this question, but i need to ask you a question first. oh my god, are you submitting a question? yeah, my question is from gaby in los angeles.

where is my stuff? every question is a valid question. allison, i can't find any of my things since we moved. i think that you're exaggerating. there's nothing here that's mine. no, your bed is yours. i made sure of that. okay, but i can't find any of my skulls, or my taxidermy ducks, or my bats, or my tarot cards.

i got rid of stuff in the move. i don't have half as many bath products as i had before. a move is a time of spiritual cleansing. and also cleansing of all of my physical things? where are they? they're in a storage unit. where? listen, i just wanted to give you some time to live without them. and to see if maybe you liked it better.

i need my witchcraft books for my coven. but really do you? how am i supposed to do any of my feminist meetups without my angry shirts? i went through your stuff because you didn't. i said gaby, pack your stuff. you didn't. so at that point, you basically released all responsibility to me and i got to make the call!

don't movers pack your stuff for you? -a: no!-g: oh. i gave you three weeks to pack your stuff, you did nothing. at a certain point i decided,allison this is a sign, from ghosts. i brought the cat. (sighing) i know. where's the storage unit? pasadena. can i have a key?

you're not gonna drive all the way to pasadena. viewers, i'd like to make a bet with you. she will never go to the storage unitin pasadena. are you allowed to spend the nightin the storage unit? no! why would you spend the nightin a storage unit? i dunno, throw a little party. -a: no, i'm not giving you the key.-g: there's privacy. okay, this is the new deal. the new deal that i will go with you to the storage unit in pasadena

on a day you choose and you drive. this house is covered in lavender andi can't wear shoes inside, i'm freaking out. anyway, viewers, i'm assuming analsex hurts. it definitely does but in that mellencamp "hurts so good" way. subtitles by the amara.org community

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