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how to achieve orgasm

mastering how to find the g spot a video by gspot101.com if you’re looking to give, or receive, ag spot orgasm, your first step should be locating the g spot. when it comes to how to find theg spot, this can seem like a little bit of a mystery, but it’s probably much easierthan you’ve imagined. the g spot is a pleasure

how to achieve orgasm

how to achieve orgasm, epicenter, and an area that should never goignored, so it’s important to know just where to find it if you’re looking to experiencethis type of stimulation. first, you’ll want to work on finding theg spot itself. if a woman is lying on her back, the g spot will be located about 1 to3 inches inside of the vagina, along the frontal

vaginal wall. when inserting fingers intothe vagina, going all the way in and performing a “come hither” motion with the fingerswill place you right on top of it. you’ll also want to know what it feels likeif you’re to be certain you’re in the right spot, and the g spot has a distinctlydifferent feeling than the rest of the inside of the vagina. when you’re over the g spot,you should feel a small walnut-sized and walnut shaped spongy area that feels a little roughto the touch, and this is the spot you’ll want to be stimulating. while some women mayprefer rougher touch, others will prefer it a bit lighter, and open communication is yourkey to success once the g spot is found! for more free videos on the g spot and femaleorgasms head over to gspot101.com

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