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womens orgasms

hi i'm antonia damerell, and welcome to theorgasm challenge! this is the show where i bring you weeklyupdates on the world of female orgasms. okay so last week we reviewed iphone vibratorapps. how would you compare android and which is better? okay, android is definitely the preferredmobile device for vibrators.

womens orgasms

womens orgasms, there's so many more options. so like for example, we have sexy vibes. let's look at that first. it's more like 10,000 sexy vibes.

i mean there are so many settings so if you'rejust looking for a light touch, you can set it to fluffy bunny. or if you're not fucking around, you set itto full on washing machine mode. oh yeah! the other thing that i love about this isthat it's like a speed dating service. so what's great about this app is that itrandomly pairs you with other users so you can vibe each other. it's kind of like chat roulette meets tindermeets your vagina. what about the most important question-- didit get you off?

no, but only because my phone died. oh my god, just so like our girls don't stallout can we just clarify how much battery length do you need to have for this app to work foryou? i think the users should make sure that theyhave exactly the percentage of battery life that equals 20 minutes. the next app that we're going to look at isivibro. and this one had a really funny description it's like "no ads." which i mean who even puts ads on an app that'sfor the vagina.

like my vagina doesn't watch ads. at least, i don't think it does. also-- this had the saddest review. one girl was like, "i don't think my phoneis strong enough" and that's why it's not working for me, because my phone. there's something wrong with me and my phone. so typical. you know women we're always blamingourselves. it's like maybe i have a broken phone or abroken vagina. no, expect more from your partner and yourapp.

exactly. always. preach. so i think all in all we're gonna say thatthe winner of this entire app review vibrator orgasm challenge is sexy vibes! thank you so much brinkbit software developersfor bringing us that. work it brinkbit. thank you so much. that's all from this week's episode of theorgasm challenge. please join us next week and we hope you cancome again:)

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