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rash on balls

dry and rough hands? these amazing trick will make your hands babysoft! we always take care of our facial skin usingmany natural and cosmetic product. but have you ever paid attention to your hands? the skin on your palm and hand becomes roughdue to the use of chemical soaps.

rash on balls

rash on balls, we wash our hands like 5-6 times in a daywhich makes our hand skin dry. the cold weather, sun exposure and more contactwith water are some more reason why hand skin becomes rough and dry. it is time to take a closure look at yourhand and start treating the damaged skin.

there are some natural remedies which youcan use to keep the hand skin hydrated and healthy. here are 3 excellent home remedies which youmake your hand soft and smooth in just 1 week time. remedy 1: this remedy consists of avocado to nourishthe damaged skin. the olive oil will help to reduce the inflammationand make skin soft. things you need: avocado 2 tbsp (paste).

olive oil 1 tbsp. apple cider vinegar 1 tbsp. process: 1. take 2 tbsp of avocado paste and 1 tbsp ofolive oil in a small bowl. 2. add 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar to it andmix it well. 3. apply the paste on your hand using cottonballs.

4. allow it to remain for 15 minutes and thenwash hands with warm water. 5. you will get a smoother skin instantly! use it once every day for 1 week to get softhands. remedy 2: this is the simplest remedy as it needs only1 ingredient. the apple cider vinegar used in the remedyreduces the skin irritation, clears the dead skin and heal the damaged skin instantly.

apple cider vinegar 2 tbsp. water 2tbsp. dilute 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar in 2tbsp of water. take a big bowl and pour the solution in it. now, soak your hands in this solution for20 minutes. allow the hands to dry off naturally. this will soothe the cracked skin of yourhand. use this remedy once every day and you willget smooth hands in no time. remedy 3:

here we are going to use egg yolk to ensurenourishment of the cracked hand skin. lemon juice will help to heal the crackedskin and olive oil will make it smooth. egg yolk 1. lemon juice 1 tbsp. take a small bowl and add 1 egg yolk to it. add 1 tbsp each of olive oil and lemon juiceto it. mix it well and apply it on your hands usingyour fingertips. keep the paste on your hand for 15 minutes. wash it with warm water and pat it dry.

6. the hands will not only feel soft but alsothe wrinkles on the hand will vanish instantly. the regular use of any of these remedies willprovide you smooth and soft hands. make sure that you apply gentle natural moisturizerevery day on your hand before you hit the bed. avoid use of harsh hand wash soap at homeand say no to harsh washing powders for your clothes. these small tips will help you to keep yourhands protected from the chemicals and the natural moisture of your hand skin will bepreserved.

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