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hirudoid cream

do you have varicose veins? learn how to get rid of themwith 1 simple homemade recipe! varicose veins are often painful and bother themost women, due to their appearance. many people who have the problem end up havingto undergo surgical procedures. however, there are natural remedies that canhelp out. some of the most common causes of varicose veins are:

hirudoid cream

hirudoid cream, - genetics- aging - lack of exercise- sudden hormonal changes - circulation problems varicose veins appear in the legs due to poorcirculation or caused venous insufficiency

by enzymatic modification of wallthe vessel where the blood can not return properly to the heart. normally, the genetic factor is heavy,but keep in mind that a sedentary lifestyle and a poor diet can also contributefor your appearance. but how to end the dreaded varicose veins? when are very big surgery is recommendedto avoid more serious problems. in this case consult your doctor! if your varicose veins do notare greatly exaggerated, you can do the cream that we teach! this homemade creamit's very easy to do. you will not spend a lot of money and its composition is reallyeffective for relieving varicose veins.

ingredients- a carrot - half a cup of apple cider vinegar- aloe vera (the same amount of carrots) how to prepare the cream?the first thing you should do is take carrot to process well and get a mixturesmooth. now add the gel of aloe vera. placethe same amount of carrot. to extract the gel of aloe vera, you will have to removefirst thorns rods then transversely open and remove the gel, usinga spoon. then add the vinegar apple. stir all ingredients untila folder, not too thick and not too slim. in the ideal consistency for spreading itabout their varicose veins.

now, to obtain a smooth, homogeneous cream,take the ingredients to the blender. beat for a few minutes and it will be smooth. how to apply?apply the cream massaging the ankles for calves with low movementsup. leave for 30 minutes. remove withwarm or cold water. you can apply this mask every day when you getat home. remember to maintain a healthy and balanced diet,and exercising every day. did you like the recipe? if you like shortthe video, join the channel and share with your friends.

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