dark ear wax

- that is both satisfying and disgusting. (energetic instrumental music) i've seen them on people in shows. - yeah, i don't really thinkabout blackheads that much, but i do see them.

dark ear wax

dark ear wax, i do notice them and i'm like, eh, maybe oneday they'll get out of there. - i think blackheads, youcan see them very clearly. you can definitely see it on my face.

- i have never noticedblackheads on your face. - oh, that's nice. - i like to think i have nice skin. - i've got like blackheads, i guess, but they're just enormous pores. - it sounds like an alright pasta. like, i'll have the biore. - i have my doubts that they will work. a lot of instructions.

- this looks like an advanced band-aid. - it's a band-aid from the fifth element. - thoroughly wet your nose. so i should wet my nose first, right? just a little dabble. - does the nose needto be soaked or moist? - dry hands, peel strip off plastic liner. - oh, i touched the inside. i wasn't supposed to, was i?

- this is like the fake tattoo things. - am i doing this right? screw it, i'm going for it. - i feel like this isgonna rip the skin off. - okay, so now we wait, right? (dramatic chord) - carefully do this. oh. that is both satisfying and disgusting.

- guess it's somewhat clean. - yeah, you got a clean nose. - feels like i'm waxing my body. oh, god. eww. it looks crazy. - it's kinda gross. a lot of them.- i wanna see. - ow, my eyes are reallystarting to water, actually.

it's like. it definitely pulled it out. it's like a little forest. that's really kind of gross. - oh yeah, that's intense. that's a rush, that's intense. i didn't know all of thisstuff was in my nose. - i feel 10 pounds lighter. - yeah, i feel cleaner.

i feel more pure. i didn't expect to pull anything off. i guess i was under the illusion that i don't have blackheads. - i mean, i don't know. i'm nervous that i'vedisturbed a balance on my skin. (laughing) - taking it off, i didkind of feel like a snake shedding it's skin.

- i probably wanna do this once a week now that i found out this exists. - i would do it again ifsomeone bought me the strips. (lively instrumental music) (wooshing)(squeaking)