crackling in ears

- sorry for the mess. this one's a hundjaeger, and the other one was actually something i've never seen before. - let's get 'em out of here.

crackling in ears

crackling in ears, - all right, you get the arms. i'll get the legs. [electricity crackling] [lightbulb shatters] - he grabbed her!

- eve! - eve! - she's not responding. she's in some kind of trance. - he won't let go. [glass shatters] - he's dead. - try telling him that. [dramatic music] ♪

- [yells] - i can't get his hand off her. - i think i know what this is. it's a death grip. - you've seen this before?- read about it. has to do with the fear of dying and getting stuck in the underworld. they believed that if you took a pure soul with you, you could trade your way intoeternal afterlife or something.

- [grunting] - ah, here it is. first documented by egyptian wesen under the reignof merenre nemtyemsaf ii in the sixth dynasty. - oh, my god. does it say anything about how to stop it? - yes, actually, it does. - i don't think we have timefor a complicated spell. - not that complicated.

- hurry up. i think we're losing her. - give me some room. - oh! - [gasping] - eve? - yeah. - where the hell were you?- i'm not sure. - i don't think you should be handling dead guys right now. - thanks.

- the death grip supposedly trades a pure soul for freedom from hell. - pure soul? i don't think so. - yeah, that doesn't really make so much sense. i mean, after everythingshe did? no offense. - maybe this has something to do with the stick. maybe your soul is not as dark as it used to be.

you know, like she got her soul cleaned. - i guess we could all use a little of that. - i just wish i knew what the hell we were dealing with, 'cause this piece of wood is scaring the crap out of me.