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tender lower abdomen

>>> dr. kenneth falchuk: abdominal pain isa broad subject, but if someone is concerned about a specific disease such as diverticulitis,the pain usually is acute. more often than not it is a pain centered to the lower abdomen,more commonly or not, the left side of the abdomen. we call it the left lower abdominalquadrant. that is an area where most of diverticula usually occur.

tender lower abdomen

tender lower abdomen, it is an area where the bowel is somewhatnarrow and a little curved and when diverticulitis occurs, develops, that means inflammationwithin the diverticula, and the pain will be or can be quite severe and can also bemild. patients may develop a change in the bowel pattern, they may become constipated,and they cannot eliminate the stools as well

they may even feel bloated. sometimes thepain is quite intense when the patient is doubled over. sometimes the patient can have a fever withchills, a sign of an infection. what diverticulitis really is, the definition, is perforationthat means a little hole that could be small, does not have to be large, in one of the diverticulaor in several diverticula. so in the space, the area of the colon where these are located,things become narrow, swollen, we call it edema. pus can collect and that is calledabscess and therefore patients can be quite ill, they need to be seen promptly. many cases of diverticulitis tend to be mild,mild in the sense that patient can be seen

by a physician as an outpatient, evaluated,diagnosis established and be treated with antibiotics. the specific way to make thediagnosis is not only the clinical presentation. the clinical finding is the need to do anx-ray, a ct scan with contrast of the abdomen focussing in the area where the pain is present. now that does not mean that you cannot havediverticulitis in other segments of the colon. it could be at the right side, it could beat the mid-portion of the transverse colon. as i said previously, the left side of thecolon, the sigmoid colon, is the predominant site where diverticulitis develops. abdominalpain is a broad symptom. it is caused by many conditions so it is important for the physicianto know how to proceed and differentiate,

what we call established differential diagnosisor in another conditions, it could be a catastrophe of something is leaking into the abdomen.there could be another abscess. there could be a perforated appendix and so and so, thatis why prompt evaluation, proper x-ray studies and laboratory studies as well and then proceedwith a treatment and followup.

sore throat ear pain

- [voiceover] have you ever coughed up little, white nuggets that smell terrible? if you have, congratulations, because you might have tonsil stones. tonsilloliths, or tonsilstones, typically consist of

sore throat ear pain

sore throat ear pain, mucus, bacteria, deadcells and other debris that collect in the deeppockets of the tonsils and gradually condense into small, typically light colored globs.

most commonly, the stones are small, although, doctors havereported individual cases of patients with stonesmore than an inch wide. sounds like a pain in the neck. bacteria grows on this accumulated matter, giving rise to the infamous odor, which some people havedescribed as smelling like literal death, straight-up buttsand the devil's butt crack. having tonsil stones cansometimes lead to bad breath.

and it could even cause you to feel pain in your throat and your ears. so, how do you get rid ofthese smelly stink bombs? well, some people try a saltwater gargle to help ease the pain. and some try to push them outusing a disinfected object, like a finger or a q-tip. however, if the problem continues, or the pain is severe, you should probably

go see a specialist. so, do you wanna see what a tonsil stone looks like in real life? warning, warning, gross content ahead. (jazzy saxophone music) that was pretty gross. now that you've finallyfound out what these are, do you have tonsil stones?

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sharp lower abdominal pain

should i be worried about lower left abdominalpain during pregnancy? you should always be worried about suddenpains during pregnancy. i know it isn’t labor, but otherwise, ihave no idea what it could be. there are tendons that are strained duringpregnancy, and they can give you twinges if you strain them.

sharp lower abdominal pain

sharp lower abdominal pain, i’m not lifting weights, well, just thebaby. they are strained by the pregnancy, and thenyou stand up suddenly, it can tense up painfully. someone told me it might be gas. constipation and gas can cause pain duringpregnancy. it is worse if you are chronically

dehydrated. i heard that labor cures this problem. labor does involve so many contractions thatit tends to force all your waste out, too. then again, your pains could be practice contractions. i didn’t think you could really practicefor labor. even the parenting education courses feel like a joke. yeah, diapering and practicing holding a plasticdoll feels inadequate. in real life, it would be squirming and squealing. could the pain be a sign of a problem withthe pregnancy?

if you were early in the pregnancy, it mightbe a sign of an ectopic pregnancy. you’d have pain and bleeding in the first or secondmonth of the pregnancy. can’t that cause internal bleeding? sure. the kid is growing somewhere that can’tmake room for it, which puts pressure on the surrounding organs. what if the pain varies, getting worse ifi stand up or walk around? get to an emergency room. it might be theplacenta detaching, and that could be fatal if it happens. the placenta has to detach eventually wheni’m in labor.

if it detaches at any other time, you couldbleed to death. this makes me wish it was just appendicitis.

salonpas side effects

kangdi oem porous effective capsicum hot patch the ingredients of hot capsicum plaster. www.kangdimedical.com for more details you wanted to know: www.kangdimedical.com. large factory ! www.kangdimedical.com

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rash on balls

dry and rough hands? these amazing trick will make your hands babysoft! we always take care of our facial skin usingmany natural and cosmetic product. but have you ever paid attention to your hands? the skin on your palm and hand becomes roughdue to the use of chemical soaps.

rash on balls

rash on balls, we wash our hands like 5-6 times in a daywhich makes our hand skin dry. the cold weather, sun exposure and more contactwith water are some more reason why hand skin becomes rough and dry. it is time to take a closure look at yourhand and start treating the damaged skin.

there are some natural remedies which youcan use to keep the hand skin hydrated and healthy. here are 3 excellent home remedies which youmake your hand soft and smooth in just 1 week time. remedy 1: this remedy consists of avocado to nourishthe damaged skin. the olive oil will help to reduce the inflammationand make skin soft. things you need: avocado 2 tbsp (paste).

olive oil 1 tbsp. apple cider vinegar 1 tbsp. process: 1. take 2 tbsp of avocado paste and 1 tbsp ofolive oil in a small bowl. 2. add 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar to it andmix it well. 3. apply the paste on your hand using cottonballs.

4. allow it to remain for 15 minutes and thenwash hands with warm water. 5. you will get a smoother skin instantly! use it once every day for 1 week to get softhands. remedy 2: this is the simplest remedy as it needs only1 ingredient. the apple cider vinegar used in the remedyreduces the skin irritation, clears the dead skin and heal the damaged skin instantly.

apple cider vinegar 2 tbsp. water 2tbsp. dilute 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar in 2tbsp of water. take a big bowl and pour the solution in it. now, soak your hands in this solution for20 minutes. allow the hands to dry off naturally. this will soothe the cracked skin of yourhand. use this remedy once every day and you willget smooth hands in no time. remedy 3:

here we are going to use egg yolk to ensurenourishment of the cracked hand skin. lemon juice will help to heal the crackedskin and olive oil will make it smooth. egg yolk 1. lemon juice 1 tbsp. take a small bowl and add 1 egg yolk to it. add 1 tbsp each of olive oil and lemon juiceto it. mix it well and apply it on your hands usingyour fingertips. keep the paste on your hand for 15 minutes. wash it with warm water and pat it dry.

6. the hands will not only feel soft but alsothe wrinkles on the hand will vanish instantly. the regular use of any of these remedies willprovide you smooth and soft hands. make sure that you apply gentle natural moisturizerevery day on your hand before you hit the bed. avoid use of harsh hand wash soap at homeand say no to harsh washing powders for your clothes. these small tips will help you to keep yourhands protected from the chemicals and the natural moisture of your hand skin will bepreserved.

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raised bumps on testicles

hi, my name is jackie and i'm gonna tell you an embarrassing story to raise awareness for testicular cancer so, i'm in the shower and who walks into the unlocked washroom

raised bumps on testicles

raised bumps on testicles, but my roommate's old nerdy dweeb old dad and i didn't know that he was in there and it was one of those showers that if you turn it a certain way it goes like

[dhu-dhu-dhu-dhu-dhu] a lot can change when you're in the shower

penis enlargement procedure

if you know what is a hanger you're already on the right track top three hangers for penis enlargement and man the third place is occupied by the ready stretcher it is flies designed for both

penis enlargement procedure

penis enlargement procedure, hanging small weights and manual stretching of the penis and old technology complex use the average gain in length is 0.2 inch per month the

second-place big hangar at the technology invented in 2004 that may give the average increase up to 0.1 t 7 inch per month it is very popular among disadvantages darkening of the penises skin their hangar features an average degree of comfort that the use is painful and the first place goes to you wipe hanger its uses a modern technology

of the 2015 that has already proven itself the device works with virtually any weight the average increase is 0.4 t 3 inch per month the average time abuse is 20-30 minutes 41 set as for khan's it takes quite a time to wear it but it is painless you can find out more details by clicking on the link on your right

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pain lower abdomen

hello guys welcome back today's topic is how to get ride ofabdominal pain with home remedies what is abdominal pain a pain between the chest and pelvicregions are called abdominal pain what are the causes of abdominal painfood poisoning

pain lower abdomen

pain lower abdomen, stomach flu kidney stones urinary tractinfection what are the symptoms of abdominal painfever vomiting breathing problems painful urination home remedies to getride of abdominal pain remedy one-half cup of white rice two cups of water boilbehalf top prize with 2 cups of water

remove the rice when it starts to becometender keep the water to cool for some minutes drink it after adding a teaspoonof honey rather be 21 fresh lemon warm water time and juice in warm water thendrink it thanks for watching don't forget to subscribe

pain in testes after ejaculation

- okay. - can you fracture an erect penis? - oh, like can you crack a dick? (laughter) - that's ...

pain in testes after ejaculation

pain in testes after ejaculation, (lighthearted music) so penises are reallyimportant, obviously. 50% of the population has them. they're a huge part ofthe person's health,

who they're connected to. so we're going to quizsome buzzfeed staffers on their penis iq. first question ... are blue balls actually blue? - are blue balls actually blue? - i've never observed my own. - i've presumably given abunch of blue balls in the past and i've never seen them turn blue.

- no. - no, cuz maybe they'remore than one color? - yes. (laughs) - okay, no. - ahh. - okay, question. why do guys blame girls for blue balls? can't they just jack that shit off ...

- that question i can't answer. is it possible to pee with an erection? - yeah, right? - yeah. - it is possible to pee with an erection. i know this because i have seen it happen and if you're going totell me that's incorrect, i'm scared of what i saw. - i think it's possible, butit's really hard for men.

- that's exactly right. (clap) yeah. - i am a penis genius. - a penius. - i am a penius. - okay, so next question. can you fracture an erect penis? (gasps)

- oh. - you know what? yes? yes. - so i'm going to say no,you can't fracture it, but you probably can seriously injure it. - that's incorrect. - damn, i was on such a roll. - you can't break it.

what you end up fracturingis something called the corpus cavernosum. - this is just anoff-the-record question ... (loud zinging noise) how would you even know if you broke it? like is it one of those things ... - it hurts. - where you're like ... - you know it's broke.

- all right i think i understandwhat position to avoid. so the more times youejaculate in one day, does less semen come outeach subsequent time. - not always true. - so yes or no. - i'm not sure about that. - i've heard a lot ofguys talk about how like, oh if you wait, like, you'regoing to have a big load. and they just love that.

- i've heard people say ... oh, i've got a lot storedup or something like that, which makes me feellike the answer is yes? - that is correct. - false. - that is incorrect. - what? - i'll say less. i'll say yes.

yes for less. - that's correct. - i know more aboutpenises than i thought. - will it ever like puffsmoke when it's finally done? - not like puhh? - last question. is it possible to sitdown on your testicles? - can i try right now? - okay, so my testicles are here.

- how droopy are these testicles? - i have another question. are you naked? - i imagine they would move to the sides. - the answer is no. - i'm going to say no, youcan't sit on your testicles. - okay, that is incorrect. (groans) - um, i'll say no.

i don't think you canactually sit on your balls. - oh, no! - i think it's possible. - thank you dr. caroline. - i'm not a doctor, everyone. - i think i did well. i think balls are amystery no matter what. so the fact that that was my weak point, i feel comfortable with.

- like i know the deal. i know the dill. i know the d. - like i said ... - do i get like a goldstar or a certificate. - like a gold penis. - like a gold penis star? - i would wear it proudly on my chest. - i have an old test tube.

that's all. - what does it have in it? - i think it was fromswabbing someone's phone.

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orgasm sex

oh definitely when he is on top, it is justa go-to, like we can just be having sex the whole time and try lots of different things and theyall feel good and i have had orgasms in other positions, but like the go-to position iswhen he is on top, and like there is some manual stimulation on my part. it is just like wham bam, thank you mahm like i’m done, done.

orgasm sex

orgasm sex, i put my legs up a little bit so like youknow, like a crab or something, i don’tknow that’s probably the wrong description. yeah like on his shoulders, but not on hisshoulders. there is that space you so he has that space to move around if he needs to. i got my zone that i can do my thing and likehe can just be there.

it is like a combination of clitoral and vaginal. i have never been able to have a purely vaginalorgasm. it needs to be the same sort of rhythm forlike a certain amount of time, like on both ends like…that is why i also do not likechanging positions too much because i know if i change positions too much, i kind oflose that sort of “oh i’m gonna get there” you know. and it’s…i mean it feels good no matterwhat like i really enjoy having sex, but i think like it needs to be (laughs) the samefor a little bit and then reach it (laughs). some kind of vanilla but i really…i like itthat way.

my new favorite way to have an orgasm iswith my legs together, with him either entering me from behind or from the side or it canalso be me on top with my legs together and like sideways. it is not the friction thing for me, it isactually the going up and down, but then you also get clitoral stimulation because yourlegs are together. it is all about the squeezing. the first time that i ever had orgasm whilehaving sex, i was in this position where the guy was lying flat on his back and i was ontop of him and he had his hands on my hips and he was kind of moving me back and forth.

i always thought i could not have orgasm throughpenetration. i was like “no that’s it, it’s settled,i’m 19, that’s the way it’s gonna be.” and while he was doing that, i was just like“whoah! whoah!” and came that way and that was the first time,so that’s definitely a go to move because i think you know what is going on there isthere is the penetration and there is also the friction, the clitoral friction. instead of up and down… exactly, which is basically like you knowself-stimulation, but they are doing it for

you. most times that i orgasm with a partner, iam also self-stimulating. i have had orgasms that were out of self-stimulation,but rarely and so i definitely enjoy being on top. i think being on top and turned around, andso then i can also be self stimulating and bending around and what-not, but also, i thinkon my hands and knees, doggy style, while also self-stimulating, and i find too thatwith a partner, just like masturbation, you can get in a routine. i had a partner where i found out that i couldorgasm this way with this partner and then

i found like every time we had sex, we havetried other things, but we would always go back to this, this position because i knewthat worked. cherry tv, juicy talk for women.

metformin and alcohol

hi, i’m ansley from diabetes—what to know. i’m here today to talk about the signs andsymptoms of diabetes. many people wonder if they have diabetes—andyou may be wondering—what are the warning signs of diabetes? what’s the first clue?

metformin and alcohol

metformin and alcohol, unfortunately, diabetes itself doesn’t haveany symptoms. i say unfortunately, because if diabetes wereas easy to recognize as the common cold, people would go to their doctor at the first signof trouble. instead, we can only look at the signs andsymptoms of high blood sugar, which often

don’t occur until diabetes is already inplace. some of those symptoms include-- frequent urination. if you’re going to the bathroom a lot, evenduring the night, that could be a sign of diabetes. as blood glucose goes up, the body tries toget rid of that excess sugar through urine, and the excess sugar draws water with it,so that you end up going to the bathroom more often. this can occur slowly over a long period oftime, which makes it easy for people to ignore

it or get used to it. excessive thirst. when you go to the bathroom more frequently,your body compensates by increasing your thirst so that you can replace the lost water. you may have thought that you were going tothe bathroom all the time because you’ve been drinking so much water (or soda, or juice). but, actually it’s the other way around--high blood sugar causes you to go to the bathroom a lot, which makes you thirsty. and if you drink sugary drinks (like colaor sweet tea), it only makes things worse.

blurry vision is another symptom of high bloodsugar. large changes in the glucose in your bloodcan temporarily change the shape of the lens in your eye, causing your vision to be poorlyfocused, or blurry. this is only temporary; there’s no permanentchange in the lens. once you get your blood sugar levels withinyour target range your vision will improve. another sign of diabetes is urinary infectionsand yeast infections, particularly in women. if any of these symptoms persist, you shouldvisit your doctor. a quick and easy blood test can tell you whetheror not you have diabetes if you find that you do have diabetes, knowthat you can do very well by paying just a

little attention to it. having diabetes isn’t so bad, unless youignore it, and then it can be very bad. and remember-- all the signs and symptomsare caused by the high blood sugar, not the diabetes itself, and these symptoms are temporary. once your blood glucose levels are in rangeand stable, you’re going to feel a million times better. if you’d like information about how to getyour blood sugar levels in range—go to our website and you’ll be able to enroll inour free email program. thanks-

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menstruation medicines

a fibroid is a benign tumor that mainlyconsists have muscular tissue and usually grows inside the uterus. fibroids are also called myomas. its size ranges widely, from a small tumor the size of a pea to a large tumor almost the size of theuterus.

menstruation medicines

menstruation medicines, myomas are classified into three types,depending on the location where they are found. the intramural myoma, a fibroid thatgrows in the muscular wall of the uterus.

this subserosal myoma, a fibroidlocated just beneath the outside mucosal covering of the uterus.here the fibroid projects to the outside and occasionally remainsconnected with the uterus only through a small stalk. the submucosal myoma, a tumor that grows beneath the surface ofthe uterus lining. therefore, this type of fibroids can growinto the uterine cavity. the actual causes have development ofa fibroid are still unclear. however, it has been documented thatfibroids are associated with high levels of

estrogen, the female sex hormone. fibroids can only developed duringreproductive years of women. following menopause, the production of estrogen decreases which will usually cause fibroids toshrink or disappear. myomas are more common in non-pregnant and infertile women. in general, fibroids are asymptomatic or associated with just a few complaintsif any complaints. if any complaints occur, then the location, size and type of thefibroid are the major factors. fibroids can affect nearby structures.they can cause compression of the

bladder, which may lead to urinary complaints, or may obstruct the intestine, which may result in constipation. othercomplaints can be: backaches, abdominal problems, menstrual flowdisturbances. fibroids can impede normal childbirth,which may require caesarean delivery. fibroids relatively more often lead tomiscarriages. whenever fibroids cause symptoms, theyneed to be removed or shrinked.

medications sometimes cause fibroid toshrink by blocking the production and secretion of estrogen. in other cases, surgery may be requiredto remove the fibroid. the type of surgery depends on thelocation of the fibroid. sometimes it's possible to remove thefibroid with the help of the tube entered through the vagina and theprocedure is called hysteroscopic myomectomy. in other cases, surgery through theabdominal wall may be necessary.

in the case of a large fibroid,hysterectomy may be the only solution. this option only applies when there isno desire to have more children. you generalpractitioner can give you more information about the disorder and it's possibletreatments.

lower bowel pains

say goodbye to pain in your joints, legs andspine with this simple juice recipe! the pain in joints and legs are generallyreferred as an aging side effect. but nowadays even young people are facingissues like a frequent pain in the spine, legs and joints. some medical professionals claim that thiscondition is an output of inactive lifestyle.large

lower bowel pains

lower bowel pains, numbers of young people are in a professionwhich requires minimum physical work. thus, the joints, legs and spine experiencestrain due to inactivity and sitting at one place for long hours. doctors have observed the increase in a numberof patients suffering from such issues, who

prefer to have a pain killer to get relieffrom such medical condition. apart from the inactive lifestyle, the lackof nutrition is also responsible for pain in joints and legs. the frequent intakes of painkillers are notgood for health. thus, to treat this issue one should certainlyswitch to natural remedies. a nature juice is suggested in this articleto get rid of the pain in leg and joints. the raw and natural food in this juice isessential to get necessary nutrition to remain healthy. the juice helps to boost the anti-inflammationcompounds as well as the level of antioxidants

in your blood. this action helps to reduce the inflammationand also suppress the pain in joints. the incredible juice consists of healing ingredientssuch as pineapple, turmeric, ginger and orange. the juice will lower down the inflammationcausing compound in the body and thus you will also get relief from diseases like inflammatorybowel issues, sinusitis, psoriasis, acne, arthritis, osteoarthritis, rosacea, cancerand many other diseases. turmeric is the important ingredient in thisrecipe which is a rich source of many medicinal properties. it helps to lower the level of histamine inour body which automatically reduce the inflammatory

process. ginger is also a very powerful ingredientwith the compounds like zingerones, gingerols, paradols and shogaols. these compounds are a real fighter againstlipid and prostaglandins which are responsible to trigger pain in joints. juice recipe to getting rid of pain in yourjoints, legs and spine: here are the details of ingredients requiredto make the amazing juice along with the process you should follow to prepare the juice. things you need:

1. orange 1 (peeled). 2. pineapple 2 cups. 3. celery stalks 2. 4. pears 2. 5.

lemon 1 (peeled). 6. ginger root 1 inch. 7. organic turmeric root 2 inches. 8. water 1 tbsp. process: wash the ginger and turmeric root properlyand chop it in small pieces.

cut down the pears, lemon and orange in smallpieces. add all the ingredients in the juicer with1 tbsp of water. blend the ingredients to get a smooth healthydrink. enjoy the drink along with your breakfast. drink this healthy smoothie every day in themorning along with your breakfast to remain the regular consumption of this drink willkeep your protected from health issues and provide relief from the pain in joints andlegs.

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lower abdominal cramps

should i be worried about lower left abdominalpain during pregnancy? you should always be worried about suddenpains during pregnancy. i know it isn’t labor, but otherwise, ihave no idea what it could be. there are tendons that are strained duringpregnancy, and they can give you twinges if you strain them.

lower abdominal cramps

lower abdominal cramps, i’m not lifting weights, well, just thebaby. they are strained by the pregnancy, and thenyou stand up suddenly, it can tense up painfully. someone told me it might be gas. constipation and gas can cause pain duringpregnancy. it is worse if you are chronically

dehydrated. i heard that labor cures this problem. labor does involve so many contractions thatit tends to force all your waste out, too. then again, your pains could be practice contractions. i didn’t think you could really practicefor labor. even the parenting education courses feel like a joke. yeah, diapering and practicing holding a plasticdoll feels inadequate. in real life, it would be squirming and squealing. could the pain be a sign of a problem withthe pregnancy?

if you were early in the pregnancy, it mightbe a sign of an ectopic pregnancy. you’d have pain and bleeding in the first or secondmonth of the pregnancy. can’t that cause internal bleeding? sure. the kid is growing somewhere that can’tmake room for it, which puts pressure on the surrounding organs. what if the pain varies, getting worse ifi stand up or walk around? get to an emergency room. it might be theplacenta detaching, and that could be fatal if it happens. the placenta has to detach eventually wheni’m in labor.

if it detaches at any other time, you couldbleed to death. this makes me wish it was just appendicitis.

lower abdomen pain right side female

hi, my name's michelle kenway, and welcometo pelvic exercises. today i'd like to teach you how to empty yourbowels without straining. couple of components to this addressing really good posture,and really good technique so that you don't stain through your pelvic floor when you emptyyour bowels. all right, first of all let's set up our posture.so, sitting on a chair at home to practice,

lower abdomen pain right side female

lower abdomen pain right side female, what i want you to do is take your legs apartfeet are flat on the ground. now i want you to incline forward and rest your hands onyour knees or your thighs in that position. you can see that i've got an inward curvein my back and that's very important for making sure that i empty my bowel fully. so thisis my nice position: feet apart, also legs

apart, feet are flat, leaning myself forward,upper body fully supported on my thighs. now, let's get down to the technique.there's two parts to this technique. it's called a brace and bulge technique. now whenyou brace, bracing means to make your waist wide and this is where your pushing powercomes from your bowel movement. if you put your hands onto your sides, if you say mmmm. mmmmm, you'll find that your sides move wide. the pushing comes from your diaphragmmoving down rather than pushing down through your bottom to empty your bowels, so...thesound is mmmm and the action is hands will go wide. have you got that? try again.mmmmm and feel your sides go wide. now the second part of this is to make yourbelly move forward. when you lower your abdomen

forward, it actually releases helps to releaseand open up your anal sphincter, to allow that bowel movement to move out. so the actionis: bulging forward and if you say oooo, you can bulge that abdomen forward. (you mightsee it better side-on.) so if you say oooooo, abdomen bulges forward and you'll releaseand let go that anal sphincter. so let's put that all together, two parts.mmmm and make your waist wide and ooooo so that sound is mmmooooo. i tryto visualize myself into a barrel, in that my waist is going wide and my abdomen is bulgingforward in that process, as i'm supporting my upper body. if you need to continue feelingwhether your muscles are working, you can lean forward with one hand wrapped aroundyour middle, to feel that those muscles are

still bracing and bulging.so let's try that all together one last time. i'll come side-on, so: address your posture.legs are wide. leaning yourself forward and here we go. so we're going to go a mmmm,waist wide. oooo, bulge your tummy forward, keep bulging, keep bulging, keep bulging,if you need to push any further, make your waist wide further and slowly relax atthe end of the movement and at the end of the movement, drawing up through your backpassage, pelvic floor muscles lifting your pelvic floor muscles back into their originalresting length. so, what have we gone through today? we'vegone through a brace and bulge technique that will help you to empty your bowels withoutstraining. so, i hope that helps you to keep

a healthy pelvic floor and goodbye for today.

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lower abdomen pain and pressure

i'm 37 weeks pregnant and my stomach hurts! because of the baby, there is a lot of pressureon your stomach and other organs. you think my stomach hurts because of thebaby that’s been there for almost nine months. you could have bad acid reflux or indigestionbecause the baby is putting pressure on it. i don’t think that’s it.

lower abdomen pain and pressure

lower abdomen pain and pressure, after all, i’ve had to eat smaller mealsfor weeks to not feel like throwing up. are you mistaking bad constipation for stomachpains? i know what bloating feels like. the hormones to relax all those tendons andsinew can leave your joints loose and bowels

so loose they don’t push things throughas fast. i’d expect gas or burping if that were thecase. you can try to eat some fiber to make surethat isn’t the case. as long as i don’t get the runs as a result. if you have diarrhea along with stomach pains,there’s a good chance you have a stomach bug. other than the really big one. being pregnant can weaken your immune systemand leave you susceptible to various diseases. the constant runny nose is pregnancy causedrhinitis, that’s due to hormones, not an

illness. if you have stomach pains accompanied by vomitingor diarrhea, there is a chance it is an infection. i don’t have a fever. if you had those symptoms plus a fever, youhave to get to the hospital. if you don’t have a fever and the digestivesymptoms ease but the stomach pains don’t, you have to go to the hospital. that sounds contradictory. the contractions that signal early labor cancause stomach pain, vomiting and diarrhea early on.

then when your digestive system stops clearingitself out, the muscle contractions continue and get worse. i know that contractions get stronger andcloser together when you’re in labor. if you have stomach pains and back pains,you are probably in labor. i thought labor only took the form of backpains. the uterus is sticking out in front. and the muscle contractions of the uteruswill ripple across the stomach, though the pain may be stronger in the back. i wonder why.

the back carries most of the weight, whilethe stretched stomach makes it easy to feel the ripples of the stomach muscles. i’ve heard it could be something else. if you’ve had a urinary tract infection,then the infection could spread to the bladder, causing pelvic pressure and stomach pain. that sounds bad. it could cause periodic pains in the stomachwell bladder, along with pelvic pressure, maybe blood in the urine, burning when youpee, difficulty emptying the bladder and perhaps a fever.

we already agreed if there’s pain plus afever, go to the hospital. i’m not sure of the symptoms of appendicitis,but if you have prolonged stomach pain that isn’t accompanied by likely muscle contractions,you just need to seek medical attention. my appendix came out years ago. i’ve heard of gall bladder disease and pancreasproblems worsening during pregnancy due to the dehydration and extra load on the body,but that’s something a doctor would have to diagnose. so any pain that doesn’t stop or pain plusdigestive symptoms or fever or anything else - we’re down to if in doubt, go see thedoctor.


accidents happen even i make mistakes. like that time accidentally stumbled intothat den of bears and had to wrestle my way out. that brings me to the "morning after" pilla.k.a plan b. a.k.a. "oh (bleep), the condom broke. some you out there might be wondering how it works. the truth is "morning-after pill" is a stupid name for for it.


levonelle, first, shouldn't have to wait until the morning after to take it. second, because emergency contraception can workup to five days after a scare. and yes, you can get your hands on the pill--anyone can. dude or lady--can buy it at your local drugstore without a prescription.

wondering how it works? exactly the same way as the pill. sperm can survive for up to five days inwomen's reproductive tract. emergency contraception keeps her eggs from being released while your sperm's still tooling around in there. the bad news? it's not aseffective as the pill cuz it's taken after the act. but it's ahelluva lot better than nothing. like a lot better. what's this called? paintball?

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kick in sleep

♪ ♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪ oh babe ♪ ♪ never thought iwould be like this ♪

kick in sleep

kick in sleep, ♪ wide awake waitin'on a goodnight kiss ♪ ♪ sippin' 90 proof ♪ ♪ talkin' to the moon ♪ ♪ counting down thehours till it's 2 am ♪

♪ but as long as the night endswith you in a yellow cab ♪ ♪ shootin' me a text sayin'comin' home soon ♪ ♪ as long as i can bet on yacrawlin' into bed after slippin'out ya high heel shoes ♪ ♪ i ain't lyin' sayinhaving a good time ♪ ♪ out with your girls,girl do what you do ♪ ♪ no matter how late ♪ ♪ baby i'll be stayin' up ♪ ♪ i can't sleep without you ♪ ♪ i'd be tossin' andturnin' all night babe ♪

♪ from the smell of yourhair on the pillow case ♪ ♪ even if i tried without youby my side i'd be dreamingwith my eyes open ♪ ♪ i'd be tossin' and turnin'all night babe, yeah ♪ ♪ i ain't lyin' sayinghaving a good time ♪ ♪ i can't sleep without you no ♪ ♪ noo noo ♪ ♪ i bet that dj'splayin' your song ♪ ♪ and your carryin' on ♪ ♪ baby i love the thought ofthat long as i know i'm theone you're comin' home to ♪

♪ ya no matter how late babyi'll be stayin' up, i can'tsleep without you no ♪ ♪ can't sleep without you ♪ ♪ just wide awake waitin'on a goodnight kiss ♪

itchy clit

you are about to learn the location of the most sensitive area inside woman's vagina a lot of women and couples get very reliant on using the clitoris to make the woman orgasm inside the vagina is an area about this big it's called the g spot and it's around 2 inches inside her vagina and up on underneath her stomach when the woman is aroused and feeling sexual that area swells up and it becomes very uneven so if you stick your finger in there and rub it around you can actually feel the g spot very clearly

itchy clit

itchy clit, when you are penetrating her, either with our fingers with sex toy or your penis try to focus on that area for the maximum chance of giving her an orgasm yeah the rest still feels pretty good but that's the pot that will make her cum i'm ben buckingham please like my video

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hurting after sex

welcome to just between us you notice anything? we moved apartments. (quietly screaming) ahhhhhh! i think i'm having dreams about bed, bath& beyond coupons

hurting after sex

hurting after sex, anyway, welcome to our new apartment! i don't know if you also noticed that wegot this snazzy new blue couch who says i don't have a wild side? but don't worry, fans-who-have-a-hard-time-with-change,

we kept our same old sign, that the cat has destroyed. so in our brand new apartment, (pause) got this sign. there was a brief discussion about whether or not the cat should come with us. we cannot leave the cat at the old apartment! you can't move apartments and leave a cat! never say can't. ♪ (groovy music) ♪ so, this week we have a question, um,

from kenny the intern. i don't know if you remember kenny. we had to let him go (muttering) for misconduct in the workplace. anyway kenny wants to know, um, does anal sex hurt? well, i'm fascinated by this question, but i need to ask you a question first. oh my god, are you submitting a question? yeah, my question is from gaby in los angeles.

where is my stuff? every question is a valid question. allison, i can't find any of my things since we moved. i think that you're exaggerating. there's nothing here that's mine. no, your bed is yours. i made sure of that. okay, but i can't find any of my skulls, or my taxidermy ducks, or my bats, or my tarot cards.

i got rid of stuff in the move. i don't have half as many bath products as i had before. a move is a time of spiritual cleansing. and also cleansing of all of my physical things? where are they? they're in a storage unit. where? listen, i just wanted to give you some time to live without them. and to see if maybe you liked it better.

i need my witchcraft books for my coven. but really do you? how am i supposed to do any of my feminist meetups without my angry shirts? i went through your stuff because you didn't. i said gaby, pack your stuff. you didn't. so at that point, you basically released all responsibility to me and i got to make the call!

don't movers pack your stuff for you? -a: no!-g: oh. i gave you three weeks to pack your stuff, you did nothing. at a certain point i decided,allison this is a sign, from ghosts. i brought the cat. (sighing) i know. where's the storage unit? pasadena. can i have a key?

you're not gonna drive all the way to pasadena. viewers, i'd like to make a bet with you. she will never go to the storage unitin pasadena. are you allowed to spend the nightin the storage unit? no! why would you spend the nightin a storage unit? i dunno, throw a little party. -a: no, i'm not giving you the key.-g: there's privacy. okay, this is the new deal. the new deal that i will go with you to the storage unit in pasadena

on a day you choose and you drive. this house is covered in lavender andi can't wear shoes inside, i'm freaking out. anyway, viewers, i'm assuming analsex hurts. it definitely does but in that mellencamp "hurts so good" way. subtitles by the amara.org community

how to achieve orgasm

mastering how to find the g spot a video by gspot101.com if you’re looking to give, or receive, ag spot orgasm, your first step should be locating the g spot. when it comes to how to find theg spot, this can seem like a little bit of a mystery, but it’s probably much easierthan you’ve imagined. the g spot is a pleasure

how to achieve orgasm

how to achieve orgasm, epicenter, and an area that should never goignored, so it’s important to know just where to find it if you’re looking to experiencethis type of stimulation. first, you’ll want to work on finding theg spot itself. if a woman is lying on her back, the g spot will be located about 1 to3 inches inside of the vagina, along the frontal

vaginal wall. when inserting fingers intothe vagina, going all the way in and performing a “come hither” motion with the fingerswill place you right on top of it. you’ll also want to know what it feels likeif you’re to be certain you’re in the right spot, and the g spot has a distinctlydifferent feeling than the rest of the inside of the vagina. when you’re over the g spot,you should feel a small walnut-sized and walnut shaped spongy area that feels a little roughto the touch, and this is the spot you’ll want to be stimulating. while some women mayprefer rougher touch, others will prefer it a bit lighter, and open communication is yourkey to success once the g spot is found! for more free videos on the g spot and femaleorgasms head over to gspot101.com

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how do you catch chicken pocks

hirudoid cream

do you have varicose veins? learn how to get rid of themwith 1 simple homemade recipe! varicose veins are often painful and bother themost women, due to their appearance. many people who have the problem end up havingto undergo surgical procedures. however, there are natural remedies that canhelp out. some of the most common causes of varicose veins are:

hirudoid cream

hirudoid cream, - genetics- aging - lack of exercise- sudden hormonal changes - circulation problems varicose veins appear in the legs due to poorcirculation or caused venous insufficiency

by enzymatic modification of wallthe vessel where the blood can not return properly to the heart. normally, the genetic factor is heavy,but keep in mind that a sedentary lifestyle and a poor diet can also contributefor your appearance. but how to end the dreaded varicose veins? when are very big surgery is recommendedto avoid more serious problems. in this case consult your doctor! if your varicose veins do notare greatly exaggerated, you can do the cream that we teach! this homemade creamit's very easy to do. you will not spend a lot of money and its composition is reallyeffective for relieving varicose veins.

ingredients- a carrot - half a cup of apple cider vinegar- aloe vera (the same amount of carrots) how to prepare the cream?the first thing you should do is take carrot to process well and get a mixturesmooth. now add the gel of aloe vera. placethe same amount of carrot. to extract the gel of aloe vera, you will have to removefirst thorns rods then transversely open and remove the gel, usinga spoon. then add the vinegar apple. stir all ingredients untila folder, not too thick and not too slim. in the ideal consistency for spreading itabout their varicose veins.

now, to obtain a smooth, homogeneous cream,take the ingredients to the blender. beat for a few minutes and it will be smooth. how to apply?apply the cream massaging the ankles for calves with low movementsup. leave for 30 minutes. remove withwarm or cold water. you can apply this mask every day when you getat home. remember to maintain a healthy and balanced diet,and exercising every day. did you like the recipe? if you like shortthe video, join the channel and share with your friends.

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men often wonder about their ability to retainsexual function after the therapy for prostate cancer. let me explain orgasm after a prostatecancer treatment. patients who undergo treatment for prostatecancer often undergo surgery or radiation and these treatments can impact the sexualfunction. this includes affects on things like erectile function in addition some menmay notice a change in their ability to orgasm.


genitourinary, this includes a decrease in ability to achieveorgasm, some men noticing decrease in intensity of orgasm as well. controversially, some menactually have reported an increase in intensity of orgasm. whether or not this is solely aphysical affect of the prior therapy or whether or not other factors come into play such asanxiety or stress is not entirely clear.

some prostate cancers are high risk, aggressive,and more likely to spread. others are low risk, least likely to have bad outcomes. thebiopsy says cancer, but current diagnostic tools provide limited information about howaggressive a man's individual disease is, so most men decide to treat prostate cancerimmediately. once treated, many men experience serious long-term side effects like incontinenceand sexual impotence. immediate treatment is not always needed, but right now a mancan't be sure if his cancer is the kind that is likely to require treatment or if he isokay to wait for now. what if there was a test that could determine how aggressive prostatecancer is. genomic health is developing a new test to do just that. by reviewing theunderlying biology of the tumor and using

genes from multiple biologic pathways, thetest can predict the aggressiveness of prostate cancer when diagnosed, allowing a man to makea more informed treatment decision with confidence, taking care of himself with more informationand greater peace of mind.

elidel cream

some positive news for parents who want aneffective but also safe treatment for their child's eczema. i'm lindsay liepman with yourlatest health news. a new study took a look at the topical cream pimecrolimus. the creamwas thought to have a link to cancer, but researchers found that using the cream didnot raise a child's risk of developing cancer. eczema is a skin condition that is commonduring infancy and early childhood. it can

elidel cream

elidel cream, result in a dry, scaly, uncomfortable rash.

Jumat, 12 Mei 2017


when people think they have a dry scalp it’s usually because they see white flakes. but did you know there’s virtually no suchthing as a dry scalp? let me tell you what it really is and howto fix it. in the dermtv episode on dry facial skin,


dermatovate, i explained that flaking on the face, whichcan look like dry skin, is often dandruff. sure, the skin on your face can be dry andtherefore flaky, especially on your cheeks, but in other placesit’s often actually dandruff.

but what about flaking on your scalp? is that a dry scalp, or is it dandruff again? this one’s easy, because 99% of the timeit’s not dry skin on your scalp… it’s almost always dandruff. you see, if you’re not bald, if you havehair on your scalp, it’s almost impossible to have dry skinthere. so if you see flaking on your scalp, it’s actually dandruff even if you see flaking that looks just like the flaking from dryskin.

here, it’s the result of excess oil, not on the surface of the scalp, but underneathit. that excess oil causes inflammation which results in a little bit of redness,a little bit of swelling, and then causes the skin to be shed prematurely... while on the other hand, normal skin cellsfall off on time and invisibly. but when the skin cells fall off early, they don’t have a chance to separate fromeach other completely so they fall off in tiny mini sheets whichare the flakes that you see.

well that’s really good news, because ifit were dry skin, how could you ever apply a moisturizer toyour scalp without really messing up your hair? fortunately, the treatment of dandruff-inducedscalp flaking is easily accomplished with shampoos, so we usually don’t need to apply lotionsor creams to your scalp. instead, buy an over-the-counter shampoo whose active ingredient is either tar, salicylicacid, zinc, or selenium and use it daily for 5-7 days.

to use it, lather it up for a minute, thenrinse out, and then lather up again for a half a minutebefore rinsing a final time. that will usually control the dandruff so you can then use the shampoo less frequently. and since the flaking isn’t dry skin, you don’t have to worry about drying outyour scalp from shampooing every day!

sports car hire sydney airport

the rally argentina is under way. argentina usually brings up pictures of soccer, gauchos and most likely the best steaks in the world.but ...